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Select A Vent
Dispensers originally drilled their own vents on a trial and error basis, guided by experience. Today labs will drill a vent at the dispenser's request, but if a vent is drilled too big or too short, the mold may be ruined. To minimize this, earmold labs have developed changeable venting systems shown below. Both eliminate drilling by the dispenser while allowing office modifications that are reversible if they are not successful

S.A.V. (Select-A-Vent)MINI S.A.V. (Select-A-Vent)
#1 =0.031"0.8mm#1 =0.020"0.5mm
#2 =0.062"1.6mm#2 =0.030"0.8mm
#3 =0.095"2.4mm#3 =0.040"1.0mm
#4 =0.125"3.2mm#4 =0.060"1.6mm
#5 =0.156"4.0mm#5 =0.075"1.9mm